August 6

How to Quickly Pass A Drug Test

People are still searching for the best way to pass a urine test on short notice. In a world that is becoming more marijuana friendly, it is a surprise that there is still drug testing. The reality is that harder drugs are used in the workplace. Substances like opiates and stimulants pose real risks in the workplace. If you are unfortunate enough to have to take a urine test a few of these methods could help you pass.

Before talking about what works it’s helpful to clarify what does not work. If you have little notice before testing you do not want to waste your time on remedies that do not work. There are urban legends of household products that you can drink. Some of these products include bleach and vinegar. These items are supposed to obscure the traces of drugs in urine. Both are corrosive to the digestive system and organs. This is especially true for bleach. Ingesting bleach can have potentially fatal effects. The best case scenario for these home remedies is diluted or masked urine. Unfortunately, masked or diluted urine raises red flags calling for retesting and can even be considered a failed test. These substances also run the risk of changing the pH levels to a point where tampering is evident.

The truth is no method is full proof, but some can give you a fighting chance like hydration. Products that you ingest or add to urine typically just do not work. Water, however, is a substance that is found in all urine. Drinking plenty of water essential flushes the drug metabolites out of your body quicker than normal. Since water is naturally occurring it does not raise any red flags.

The efficacy of hydration depends heavily on what drug you are trying to flush, the time passed since the last dose and the level of use. Marijuana is quite difficult to eliminate from the system especially if the use is chronic. Cocaine and meth flush from the system a bit quicker, but this is also negated if you are a heavy user. Hopefully, with enough water consumption, you can super dilute the drug metabolites to the point where they are not detectable. Adding a dose of B vitamins before taking the test will add some color and odor back to the urine. This will help eliminate suspicions raised by clear and odorless urine from consuming so much water.

A method that is a bit more full proof than hydration is using donor or synthetic urine. Finding a donor that does not use any drugs, even medication, is probably the best idea. It is important to find a donor the same sex as you. It would be extremely suspicious if test administered on a man produced pregnancy hormones. Hopefully, your donor will not have any drugs in their system, but it is a good idea to verify if any medications are being taken before using them as a donor.

Synthetic urine is a fairly new product that is gaining popularity. This is probably feasible if the test is not extremely sensitive, testing for many different substances. The risk here is clear, you run the risk of the sample coming back as inconclusive since the liquid is not really produced from a human bladder. These two methods, donor and synthetic, can both work as long as the liquid is at body temperature. Do not forget to ensure whatever liquid you use is at 98.6 degrees or so. If the liquid you provide is either too hot or too cold you will fail the test. It is a clear sign to the administrator the test has been falsified.

At this point, the best way to pass a urine test is not available to you. The best chance to pass a test is either abstaining from all drugs or having enough notice to allow them to natural flush from your system. In a last desperate attempt to thwart a drug test evasion is always a possibility. For most people, unfortunately, evasion is the same as failing. A quickly pending drug test is a nerve wracking bit of business. Trying one of these methods could help you pass. Trying all of them could improve your odds even more.